Advanced Interaction Techniques

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Kai Essig

Lecturer: Dr. Andre Krause

The students know and know the concepts and components of complex interactive systems
Evaluate systems according to user-centered principles and methods. You know AR / VR
Technologies and their special features with regard to interaction. The students have in-depth
Knowledge of the design and evaluation of complex, interactive human-machine interfaces, and are in
able to adapt and apply this knowledge according to the situation. You are facing current issues
and technologies in the field of interaction technologies and can analyze, evaluate and
put into practice. Based on this experience, they are able to develop innovative interactive systems
to be implemented taking into account both the technical and the user requirements.


  • Current applications of interactive systems (game design, interactive storytelling, collaborative work, Games)
  • Current display and visualization technologies
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Ambient Computing
  • Physical Computing
  • Current interaction technologies, e.g. multi-touch, tangible and pen-based interaction
  • Game engines, simulations, avatars
  • Current research questions