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Goodies in the VM provided for FCAN

Current Version: 1.0

The Other User: admin

  1. The provided vm has another user: admin with password 12345 that uses
    ZSH as command line program.
    The difference of this ZSH to the one of zasher is, that it is not using
    the standard configuration and has some convinience functionalities.

  2. The user is also capable of starting a Xorg desktop. But it is configured for
    a terminal.
    This gives other advantages:

    • Aliased Font
    • Better colors
    • Symbols not available on the TTY

    You can start this with the command startx.
    After this type in lsd -a and have a look at an improved version of ls.

  3. You can install additional software with pacman

    • Search for a package with

      pacman -Ss 
    • Install a package with:

      sudo pacman -S 
    • Remove package with:

      sudo pacman -R 
    • Update package list:

      sudo pacman -Sy
    • Update package list and update system (needs reboot afterwards)

      sudo pacman -Syu
      # Update system without package list update:
      sudo pacman -Su

The root user of the vm

The super admin user of the vm (root) is also available.
The password for this user is toor (root backwards).