Usability Lab

Usability Lab

Our modern and well-equipped Usability Lab in Room 02 02 115 consists of an experimental lab and a control room, separated by a glass wall. The large experimental room is equipped with various different technologies (such as Eye trackers, Virtual and Augmented Reality Devices, Sensors, Cameras, and Microphones) which can be used to conduct modern user experience studies. For example for the evaluation of everyday objects or media services, such as Webpages, print media or Webshops. The lab and the equipment can be used by students and researchers for individual or group studies.

Usability Lab: Control Room

The control room is equipped with various devices and control panels to allow a comfortable and easy adjustment of the optimal recording parameters for video and audio capture. Professional editing software guarantees a comfortable postprocessing and analysis of the recorded data. The experimenter can trace the study from the control room without influencing the study progress. The Usability Lab is used for externally funded research projects, project and group work within the framework of seminars as well as Master and Bachelor thesis.


some ongoing and finished Projects that used the Usability -Lab:

Equipment List


  • 2 Dell Notebooks: Mobile Workstations Precision M4800 used for Eyetracking
  • 1 Workstation for Eye Follower (Manufacturer: Silverstone; CPU: Core2Duo E8500, RAM: 4 GByte; Monitor: 2x BenQ ET0036-B)
  • 1 Powerful AR/VR Workstation (Manufacturer: DELL; CPU: XEON W2125; RAM: 32 GByte)
  • 1 Desktop PC (DELL Precision T3500; CPU: Xeon X5550; RAM: 3.0 GByte; Monitor: DELL)
  • 1 Mac Workstation (Mac Pro; Monitor: LG 27UD88W)


  • Qualisys Motion Tracking System
  • Pepper Robot
  • HTC VIVE Pro VR-Headset with Eyetracking
  • XTAL wide-FOV VR-Headset
  • 1 Eye Follower binokular Eyetracker from LC Technologies with dynamic cameras
  • 2 SMI Binokular Eyetracking Glasses (up to 120 Hertz Tracking Rate)
  • 1 Dioptry set (-4 to +4 diopters)
  • 1 Enobio mobile EEG System with 20 channels
  • 1 Logitec USB Webcam
  • 1 Intel Realsense F200 Depth+RGB-Camera
  • 1 Microsoft Kinect2
  • 1 Microsoft HoloLens
  • 1 Microsoft HoloLens 2
  • 2 Leap Motion Controller
  • 1 Camara Tripod (from Manfrotto)
  • 1 VitaGuard VG 3100 vital function monitor from GETEMED (apnea, heart and SpO2 monitoring)
  • 1 mobile varioport-B physiological data acquisition system with VARIOGRAF software from BECKER MEDITEC, Karlsruhe
  • 2 SMI Dongles for Eyetracking Experiments * Design and Analysis Software

Office equipment:

  • 1 CISCO IP Telephone
  • 1 Laserprinter (Manufacturer: Kyocera)

Equipment Control Room (Room 02 02 120):


  • 1 Workstation (magic Multimedia GmbH; Magic MAX HD; CPU: Core I7 960; RAM: 12 GByte; Samsung EVO 850 SSD 250 GByte; Monitor: 3x BenQ ET0036-B)
  • 1 Workstation (magic Multimedia GmbH; Magic MAX; CPU: Core I7-4790K; RAM: 16 GByte; Samsung EVO 850 SSD 250 GByte; Monitor: 3x BenQ EW 2440)

Control panels:

  • 1 Sony Remote Control Unit RM-BK 300
  • 1 Any in to 3G-SDI Multi-Functional Converter 7 Up-Converter with Synchronizer
  • 1 Roland Multi-Viewer / Switcher MVS-12
  • 1 Behringer Xenyx 802 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer and MIC-Pre-Amp
  • 4 ADVC 220 bidirectional Analog-to-Digital Video Converter


  • 3x remote Pan/Tilt Camera Sony EVI D70P
  • 1 Sennheiser Microphone
  • 1 Canon HE11 HD Camcorder

Office equipment:

  • 1 CISCO IP Telephone
  • 1 XL Meeting Toolkit ( coloured cards, pinboard / whiteboard stuff etc.)
  • 1 S Meeting Toolkit ( coloured cards, pinboard / whiteboard stuff etc.)
  • 1 white screen


  • Morae
  • LC Technologies Nyan Software for eyetracking experiment design and analysis
  • SMI BeGaze Software for Eyetracking Data Analyses
  • SMI Experimental Center for Eyetracking Experiment Design
  • EyeDataAnalyser – own software for Eyedata Analysis
  • JVideoGazer – own software for automatic annotation of gaze videos